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Originally Posted by Dao View Post
If a seller outside Canada is willing to sell an Airsoft gun and ship it disassembled in about three different shipping, and label it as toy or something, what is likelihood of it being seized by customs?
Customs really only cares about the regulated part in any gun, the receiver. They could seize that, and send you the rest of the parts, which would then be useless.

Originally Posted by Dao View Post
I was just wondering since it will not look like a replica firearm, and seem you guys here have ordered several metal parts without any problem.
And what airsoft gun exactly does NOT look like a real gun enough to NOT be considered a replica?

Originally Posted by Dao View Post
I just can't stand the prices charged in Canada, particularly for the ones being sold for $100 in the US and $400 in Canada.
Get used to it. We all do.
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