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Read around? I've been handling Restricted and Prohib guns, even teaching with them, for longer than you've been alive. How many years have you studied the subject? 5 or 6 since you turned 18?

Do you own a firearm in the Restricted or Prohibited class? Which one?
Have you ever reloaded your own ammo? Which calibers?

Have you ever used a flintlock? Black powder is an explosive, not a propellant. Mess with that and you die.

There's reading, and there's doing. That is when you learn the difference. You seem to have a lot of book-based knowledge, and that is fine up to a certain point. Maybe you should get out to a real gun range to learn the practical side of things. It's far from the same, and in some cases it can mean a lot more than being told about it. It can mean your safety and that of the people around you.

So far much of what you have said is incorrect, and I'm not alone saying that.
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