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Read around, The 5.7 is illegal. I've taken the liberty of emailing CFC at one time inquiring about it. It is classified as prohib cause of "it's use as a armour piercing round". So, it doesn't matter if you put a hollowpoint or a AP round. It is still deemed illegal...

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Powder for flintlocks and modern firearms is NOT the same. Please double check your information before you get a disaster someday or suggest it to anyone else.
I didn't say they were the same thing. I was just talking about powder in general. However, thanks for pointing that out to other less experienced members.

err since when exactly? Civi variants of the P90 (which uses the 5.7 cartridge) are available for sale, and use in Canada.
Since when? I've got an account on CGN and I assure you I've never seen the PS90 (civilian semi-auto P90 variant). Maybe some people with a prohibited endorsement have touched on one but I doubt they are available. Only time you will probably see one is if JTF2 does a raid or drug bust near by...
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