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Here's another review from the original 3x thread.

Originally Posted by stag6.8 View Post
I went to the real steel range to try out the worked great...I shot a quick 100 rounds at 75 yards to start and no recoil damage and held its zero...shooting prone(which is my first time trying)it was a little high and to the left(25 rounds and 50 yards)..dailed the aimpoint the the direction of the bullet travel and got right over the target....pulled target back to 75 yards ....did another 25 rounds prone...and still got right over the target....I did the remaining 50 rounds from the bench...In which im used to inch over the target....I did 100 rounds in which thats all I had time to shoot....the magnifier performed recoil damage...and 6.8 spc caliber has double power and kick than a .223 and 20% less power than a .308...and kept its zero....thank you for offering a great product for such a great price...BTW...the ammo I was shooting was remington 6.8spc caliber 115gr going back to the range in a couple of weeks or so tune it in for 100 yards+ ...enjoy the pics

Edit to add: I do not endorse or condone the use of this product on anything at anytime anywhere, this is mearly a post reflecting my expeince/observation of the item in question. I am in no way related to the sale, manufacture, distribution, etc of this product or any other products. Also I have no relation or agreement with Charles Huang/Dragon Red Airsoft.

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