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The NIA's chrono was acting up last night but I will try to get a FPS reading tonight but it should be right on 280.


Brand new from a guy on ASC this cost $350+shipping.
K plate
1100mah battery
wall charger
metal 30 BB shorty mag
metal highcap
silencer adaptor
removable flashider
scope mount

No problems and everything seems to exactally as the TM is. There are ECHO-1 markings on the stock and on the mag well. The flashhider is removable but not threaded. There is a threaded barrel with -14mm for a silencer or whatever else you want to put on there. The sights are not apature but notch and groove type. Everything that should be metal is metal. Blaze orange flashider and threaded barrel but easily Kryloned over.

The rear body pins to hold the stock on don't seem to have a stong enough spring in them and will fall out randomly. Recomend taping them in. The front sling pin has a great spring that sticks out sideways and can eaisly handle a sling.

Take down
Takes apart just like the TM and is a perfect clone. There are no parts that feel thin or flimsy and nothing broke when I took it all apart.

I didn't find the same sharp edges as some have when going into the gear box but there was a total lack of lube in there. The only stuff on the gears was black with wear and the cynlder was almost dry. The antireversal latch was lubed with a bunch of black crap. If you get one of these get a gun doc to lube it up. Nice thing is that the spring is not hooked into the piston like on TM's so changing the spring was way easier.

Notice the difference in colour for the trigger assembly, tappet and trigger assembly. Vented piston head but it looks really cheap. Vented cylnder at about the 1/2 way mark. The spur gear had on it. Everything else had XYT markings on them.

If you have a hard time getting the shell back together I found that the cylnder head needed to be pushed back while trying to close the box. Changing the spring for a TM stock raised the ROF but I'm not sure how much of that was the gears getting some good lube.

I'm pretty sure that the bushings were metal. The gears stick out pretty randomly from the gearbox but I think that just a bad mold and doesn't affect the performance if shimmed right. Other reviews claim TM compatibility but I can imagine some serious shimming needed for the new gears.

The piston guided are only around 1" long or less. They do not go the whole way back to the rear of the gun which seems a little odd as well.

First off the gun is really loud but that is to be expected with such a short barrel. The motor adjustment screw is really long and needs adjustment when you recieve it. Chronoed around 320-340 (I really can't remember). Seems to be shooting high and the sights needed to be adjusted. No feeding issues with the mags. It really is a close quaters gun. It has nice range with the stock spring but the BBs act like paintballs going every direction once they get at a distance. ROF is not terrible but has some to be desired.

I would say this competes and beats the TM for price and what you get. Seriously it came with a scope mount...SWEET! Can be a little harder to do gear box work because of cheaper parts and things being a little out but didn't take to much extra time. Impressed after putting 2000BBs through it in -5 in one day. Highly recomend and you can expect similiar quality from other Echo-1 and JG guns for sure. Don't believe this reivew? Rent the gun and try it for yourself!

There was a hole cut the in side of the rear sight to feed wiring through to wire it to the back with a large. A battery bag and wire was pretty cheap and now I have 3300mah on a machine piston. ROF has gone up allot with the stock spring and liube which should also make it last allot longer overall. Need to chrono it after the stock spring was put it but I can imagine it's right at 280.

If you do buy one of these guns the first thing you should do it toss it at a gun doctor to do a quick check-up to garuntee that your gun will last a bit longer. Toss the charger and get ready to buy a new battery within the first year.
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