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Mark isn't all that hard of to get a hold of. Well at least not when it counts. I noticed a beauty of a customised Tokyo Marui 1911A1 with CNC'd PGC slide & frame from Red Wolf a few days ago. I was really worried that it would get snatched up quick and I'm dying to get a 1911 that is more durable than that weak @$$ metal on my WE.

Suffice it to say I emailed Mark and he got back to me within an hour or two with a quote of what it would cost for him to bring it in for me. Sent him the bucks and it's on it's way. He's good that way. Once the arrangements have been made is when the communication slows down. Too be honest I think he is just really busy and wants you to get off his ass until it arrives. He did his part and will ship when he gets it. I had a similar experience when I had him bring in my G&G RK47. Quick responses when he was doing the leg work on quoting me and ordering it and then I didn't hear from him. Actually I think I annoyed him and he blocked me until it came in (Sorry Mark). Now I know to be patient particularily with special orders.

Just to let everyone know. If he has it in stock I've never waited more than a week for it to arrive at my door.
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