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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
Non gun powder ones would cost more than gun powdered ones?
Because they take time to make and are normally not made in great quantities. The person who makes them does not work for free.

Originally Posted by digital_blue View Post
You shouldn't need a license to buy powder cause it is also used in flintlocks and other non-PAL firearms. Oh and a 5.7x28 cartridge would be illegal to possess so if you are machining some, do not put any powder or live primers on it... If you really want some, get someone down in the states to send you some spent casings and at a later date, send you some bullets(If it is legal to do so)....
Powder for flintlocks and modern firearms is NOT the same. Please double check your information before you get a disaster someday or suggest it to anyone else.

Originally Posted by arman View Post
how do they know whats in the package???they dont look at incountry mail. if they did they would shit their pants(me and my buddy laugh bout it)
Since when dont they look or scan packages?
They look with less effort than for stuff crossing the Border, but they do scan on occasion or if there is an alert.

(Thanks Illusion, I had replied to 3 different posts, I really should have consolidated.)

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