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TLP 4000 charger

I recently purchased this charger, and it came with a sad sad set of documentation. Fortunately I did manage to find a good post that answered all my questions about it but one.

It came with this 3 pronged DC power cable monstrosity that looks like an oven plug. Now, the outlet in the back of this charger easily fits an old PC power cable I have instead of "The Beast". I have set the charger itself to 110v, and the single piece of paper tells me that if the outlet doesn't match the wall socket then to get a simple adapter, but will this PC cable work just as well? or does the adapter actually alter the voltage somehow? (from AC to DC, or some other doomahicky? )

Would rather not have to go out and buy yet another tidbit if I can avoid it. And I swore when I got it that it was usable on the North American grids.
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