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Originally Posted by Ibby View Post
+1 to all these points. I've seen many V2's break below about -5 C. On the other hand, both my ICS M4's have functioned very well in plenty of winter games. The mechbox shells are a bit thicker, and I am sure I'll break one some day but I haven't so far.

NiCads are much more forgiving in the cold than NiMh. Lithium are even better. The age and condition of your battery will play a bigger role in colder weather. Keeping your battery warm will make it perform better, as cooling them will reduce the reactivity inside them. A lot of our army equipment that runs on batteries either uses lithium rechargeables or will have a built in heater of some sort.

In the winter I find putting your GBB in a shoulder holster improves it's efficiency in the cold. Same with the mags. Those nylon secret service type rigs works very well.
How about the v8 gearbox? I've read its based on the v2 so does it have the same problems in cold weather? (info on this mechbox is a <curseword> to find)
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