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Originally Posted by jerryliang2k View Post
has anyone had problems contacting mark via e-mail lately? I've been trying to get ahold of him regarding a refund and a lost item for weeks now.
Both redwolfairsoft and classic army are now sending all their Canada based emails to Mark, averaging at 500 emails a day, which he only gets around to after doing his main business (army surplus), so things are gonna slow down ALOT. It might be a better choice to pay a little extra and get your airsoft from 007.
Any emails you send to Mark, make sure they are short, easy to understand, and include your name on ASC, if your age verified you have a much better chance of getting a reply.
Tamiya connectors suck.
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i never understood why the oil refinery had a brothel... i never see them at the refineries i work at this is bull!
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