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ok, im gonna make a list of why its better, people add to it when you feel it be nessasary


players are more mature, usualy+1------players are 12 year old pompus brats
its not messy+1-----------------------------its called PAINTball for a reason
choice in gun model+1---------you get a barrel, tank and a bucket on the top
more accurate+1--------------------------------uhh... well i spray and pray
more distance+1--------^spraying and preying ommits this factor, try lobbing
faster ROF+1------------------------------umm, seim aouto with 2 triggers?
small bruise+1----------------------bigger projectile, bigger briuse.+1lol finaly
realistic+1-------------------------------------not gonna touch this one, -1
magazine fed+1---------hopper fed, jams, exposed, pertruding, holds like 10?
sweet kick ass gear!+1------------paint nade, polyester jersy, hockey padds
cheap, semi reliable knock offs+1------------knock offs explode and kill you-1
customizable+1------------well, 12 foot barrel, new co2 tank, new hopper.....
has a freaking stock+1--its all cqb, with a semi aouto, they dont need stocks

bottom line, airsoft wins, if you have somthing to add please do, ill edit it, but dont forget, there is some people who have to resort to using paint feilds to play airsoft, so its more of a rivaling symboyonic relationship, only reason to this is because (in my opinion) of canadas retarted laws on this matter, but whatever, but if everyone is so concerned about this rivalrey, why dont we have a nation wide paintball vs airsoft? im fine with cleaning out my gear and gun, it would be a pain, but i doubt they would hit any of us all that much lol!

we would have to merge rules or vote on new inter game ones, id vote for mine, 2 to the body, 1 to the head, and limbs dont count, they just hurt. But thats just me, and im very opinionated
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