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Airsoft is my new bitch. I have to complete my collection of blowback pellet & BB guns with these 2 last pieces. Once I have them, I'll consider my collection complete for now. These particular guns that I have are VERY realistic, and that's why I bought them. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother with them.

So far for airsoft, I have a KJW M92FS, a TM M4A1, and CA M15A4 rifle. I'll have a chrome WA M92FS on the way next week. Plus I have the DE AK47 that started my interest in airsoft.

So yeah, airsoft is what I want to focus on now my and build my collection from a MUCH better selection of much more realistic weapons. And as much as I enjoy target shooting with my pellet guns, the idea of being able to shoot SOMEONE with airsoft in an organized game is very appealing to me. I tried paintball once. I liked the idea of the game, but the guns and the paint were just a turnoff for me. And it felt more like playing a frantic real-life version of Counterstrike than an actual tactical scenario or real skirmish. From what I've seen on youtube of airsoft games (the real things, not kids in their backyards), it appears to be something I would enjoy.

As for real guns, I have my POL and own a 1950s .22 rifle and a 1917 Lee Enfield .303. The thing is that I live in the city, and have no place to shoot them. I could probably easily get my PAL and buy some rifles, but have no use for them since I don't hunt. I'd love to get handguns, but again the process of getting licences, registrations, etc is just too much effort for the payoff. Especially when there's airsoft! I can get guns that look real AND I get to shoot people with them.
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