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Originally Posted by ColtFarmer View Post
I liken it to herpes... you may not have a flare up in years, but it's with you FOR LIFE.
Tell me about it. I'd been collecting air guns since I was 15 or 16. When I finished college in 1997, I had over 50 of them. Unfortunately, I didn't find work for many months after I finished school, and had to sell them off, since they were the only things (other than my guitars - which I would never part with) that were worth anything. I ended up selling the whole collection, including some now rare models like the Crosman 16 and Uzi models.

A couple of years ago, I got bitten by the bug and bought up a Crosman 357 with the 4 and 8" barrels (I used to have the 6" model before) and a Crosman 1008. That satisfied me for a while.

The urge to buy guns and rebuild my collection again started a couple of months ago when I saw an airsoft AK47 at a local army surplus store and HAD to have it. And so it started again. I've bought a lot of I figured as of today I'd have everything I needed and still I ended up putting a down payment on the chrome WE M92FS in the classifies... Ugh.. this shit is gonna break me.

Originally Posted by leblanc74 View Post
for you airgun fans....did you know that "umarex" has a few limited edition like the walther CP99 LTD and there are only 300 available and each ones are numbered....also if you like classics, S&W has a stainless steel 686 LTD....
Umarex have some awesome guns. I currently have the Walther PPK/S, Beretta Px4 Storm, and Beretta Cx4 Storm, and will be getting the Walther CP99 Compact next, and eventually their Desert Eagle too. I'm really liking the blowback action on these guns, as they give a nice recoil and feel more real. I'm loving all of these new guns.

I saw the "non LTD" black version of the S&W revolver at our local shop. Very nice gun indeed. The only thing I really don't like about it is the "real" cylinder that holds the pellets stands out so much, particularly on that chrome gun.
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