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A&A review...

I was looking through the new a&a product and came upon this....

KJ P226 (Full Metal, Black)
[kj-gbb-p226] $279.95

by Al Palchevskiy Date Added: Thursday 08 November, 2007

Hi A&A changed my life by shipping this gun to me. My roommates all have airsoft spring guns and they used to shoot at me all the time, they really pissed me off. I ordered this gun with a propane adapted. Now that I have my own gun it's my roommates turn to run away in distress. And when I start firing I don't show mercy until I hear them cry. I am a changed man now, I don't take crap from anyone! In fact tomorrow I am going to take my gun with me to work, and let manager know what I think about him. He'll be sorry for making me work so hard. and the best thing is even if I run out of ammo I can still beat him over the head with my gun because it solid as a rock. I am just beginning to have fun with it, the possibilities are endless! I was half a man before I've got this gun.
Order your gun today, and if somebody is pissing you off just cap his ***
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maybe not from this .. and probably not today... but I assure you, you will die
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