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Originally Posted by Griffin View Post
S.I.R online based out of Winnipeg, I believe sells it and also has a very good price.
They're actually about $10 cheaper at SIR, but out of stock, unfortunately. And I just couldn't resist buying this, and didn't want to wait. So it was worth the extra $10 it cost me from

I mean, how could I NOT want this sexy beast?

It just goes together so well with my Cx4 Storm carbine. Although technically, I ordered the pistol before buying the carbine...

And my next (and probably last for a while) pellet gun purchase will be a P99 Compact, and I will be buying for SIR. They have the cheapest price I've seen on it so far. Then down the road, I'll be picking up the Desert Eagle, and that should keep me happy for a while and I can concentrate on buying more airsoft guns.
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