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I totally understand. I'm an airsoft noob, although I had been a pellet / BB gun collector for years. Got my first AEG 2 months ago (cheapo Double Eagle AK47). And I was bitten. I needed more. And pellet / BB guns too. I MUST have them...

In the last 2 weeks, I've purchased:

Walther PPK BB gun
Beretta PX4 Storm pellet pistol
Beretta CX4 Storm carbine pellet gun
Crosman Pro 77 BB gun
TM M4A1 carbine (should arrive today)
CA M15A4 rifle - this will be the base for my C7A1 mod (should arrive tomorrow)

And now that I've finally been age-verified, I'm browsing the classifieds looking at what I want to get next.

It's a horrible thing. That's almost $2k in just over a week. Crack would be cheaper.
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