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Originally Posted by ScottMcLeod View Post
That's impressive though. Did she say what sparked her into the idea of writing the article?
The reporter had a co-work come into our facility for a bachelor party. And since he had such a great time he started to spread the word at his work (The Winnipeg Free Press). Shortly after that the reported did some research on our facility and she contacted our office to set up an appointment.

I then contacted our local Manitoba Airsoft Association to see if they were interested in participation along with other airsoft friends and fellow customers. That way the press would have comments from different “levels” of airsofters.

Prior to the meeting I had a prep talk to those being interviewed about our purpose of this interview and how we need to use it to bring up the positive “healthy living & active lifestyle” of this sport.

The interview started off at our indoor facility (Located inside of the city). Then later migrated to our outdoor facility. The more we talked about outdoor airsoft/Milsim, the more worked up the reporter got about it.

We later decided to have a friendly scrim with some local players. We provided the reporter with some rental equipment so she can join the game. All in all everyone had a good time. Unfortunately I cannot provide any further details about the second portion of the interview at our outdoor location as I was not present at the time. But by reading the final result everything turned out well.

I apologize for not giving an earlier response to this topic as I rarely frequent these boards.

I hope that answers some of your questions.

Gordon Lai
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