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I'm no criminal. Not by any sane standard at least. And many criminals would agree with me, yes. But so would a large number of people who believe that government is there to do ONLY what the people cannot do for themselves and that the police, to a large degree, are no longer protectors but malevolent little thugs protecting the interests of a bunch of crooked power whores who piss on your interests for profit.
The same violent jerkoffs that couldn't figure out simple math in high school are supposed to be smart enough to make life-altering decisions for others? Fuck that! Anyone with enough wisdom to be making those decisions would be too smart to touch the job with 10 foot pole so by default anyone who would take the job should never be allowed near it. I think the taser incident at the airport last week is a pretty good example of typical police mentality. As is our friend's little meeting.
I DO realize that there are a few that try to do good but that doesn't last long. Get one drunk and listen to his stories. You'll want to puke. Not from what they've seen but because of what they've done. Worse than most of the criminals I've known.
The reality of what they do and how they do it is a far fucking cry from what was intended when we gave them power.
But enough ranting, who wants ice cream?

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