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Originally Posted by BBS View Post
hmm what about private sales like in the buy/sell of ASC?
My understanding of it (note that I'm not a legal expert) is that it probably isn't legal, but in practice the "crime" being committed is relatively harmless and there are much more important things to put resources into than going after a handful of end users trading amongst themselves, for the most part,so it's overlooked. And some of the upgraded guns wouldn't qualify as replicas, based on the available definitions.

So it's pretty much "retailers" that are being gone after (as we've seen already).

If it were to come to be enforced for individuals, I think the first thing you'd see is the admins of sites like ASC being informed the transfer laws are now being enforced and that the classifieds need to be shut down.

Then anyone who'd try getting around it, by posting ads on Craigslist or something, would be asking for it.

Originally Posted by airborne1 View Post
But wouldn't that be the government doing something intelligent?
Well, I was referring to the RCMP. They're basically the middlemen, that have to deal with enforcing poorly worded laws. Their jobs would probably a lot easier if they had clear definitions to act on instead of having to try and perform a balancing act. So in a way they're stuck in the same boat we are (it's not like we're actively out to break the law; I think most airsofters would prefer abiding by clearly defined laws instead of being in this state of limbo)... which is part of why I wonder why they don't just talk to us. We could each make our lives a tad bit easier.
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