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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
More likely than not, they are investigating the "it's OK to order parts" angle of airsoft. They likely want to know why people are buying the parts that they are, trying to figure out if a real gun could be made using some real parts and some airsoft. I think that they can speculate all day in a cubicle, but the real info they need will come from someone who has an airsoft gun and buys parts for it.
They did mentioned they are concerned about people ordering RS parts and building a real gun(mentioned manufacturing lower receivers). I kept my smart comment to myself that if have the equipment to manufacture a lower, you can easily build everything else.

He did ask me why bother with real parts at all, if all it does is make it look different.
I explain thats half of what airsoft is, the look.

I have a ptw, RS parts are going on it.

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