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My interesting meeting with the RCMP

So, back in late September I ordered a low profile gas block and a magpul trigger guard from someone in the US off ebay. Both legal to import into Canada, non restricted/prohibited parts.

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, I receive a phone call from a Constable in RCMP customs and excise. Unfortunately as a poor sap still living at home, my mother answers. He asks about these parts and she replies they are probably for an airsoft gun. I talk to him later in the day, he tells me I'm not in trouble and haven't done anything illegal and asks me to come down to their office on the 20th.

So today I head down to their office, I am greeted by two constables and we go up stairs. One of them takes me to a small room with 2 chairs and a desk. We chat mostly friendly about what I do, what airsoft is like. He remarks his son has some, sounds like springers. Blah Blah Blah, the other guy comes back in, the friendly guy leaves. He talks more about airsoft, what it is, what we do, why I was buying real parts. They explain they are concerned about people buying parts up in the hopes to assemble a real gun. He is more hostile giving me a hard time when I'm not positive on the rules of velocity.

Then they bring in someone from the CBSA who has a seized by the looks of it CA M4. He tells me again, I'm not in trouble, not going to be arrested or anything like that. Talk about and show which parts I was buying, they ask more about real steel stuff, what airsofters might be buying and that sort of thing. He explains how owning airsoft is not illegal, but buying and selling is considered trafficking. We talk about how misuse of an airsoft gun would be treated, some about proper storage and transportation, I say that I keep it in a locked case that is transported in the trunk of a car.

In the end, it seems like alot of trouble to "educate" one airsofter on the laws of replicas and such. From the sounds of the CBSA guy they might be taking the sale of airsoft more seriously now.

All in all it was a strange meeting to me.
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