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Way to go for business relations, dude.

You suggest a product to your potential clients, they say no and explain why not and instead of understanding and finding a mutual solution you insult your potential clients and blame it on them using the old Paintball versus Airsoft argument.

With a way to treat your potential buyers like that you can rest assured I will never buy from you. You could offer me a PTW Max for 100$ and I wouldn't buy it just in case you would ever treat me like you just did to all of us.

I think it's time you put your pants on and start to be a little more professional when it comes to your business.

When it comes to dealing with people you always have to treat them as you would like to be treated and mostly when it's regarding a business relation and because you did the exact opposite of that you just lost many potential buyers. You lost me, you lost many others and you lost everyone I will encounter since it will be my pleasure to let them know you treat your potential buyers like shit. Way to go, kid.
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