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Getting covered with dirt/mud, leaves, grass rarely affects your ability to blend in with surroundings negatively during an airsoft match. In many cases, it may actually help some miniscule amount.

Getting covered with blue paint that came from a grenade that went off 5 feet from you early in the day = ruined (until you clean it, that is) camo scheme that makes you easier to see. You'd be better off running through brush naked than wearing a nice coat of blue paint.
Agreed...but, if you realy whant to play real scenario, and are going true to life gaming, well if a real grenade blows next to you like lets say 5 feet...well you will be kinda covered in red and maybe even have some missing limbs..try going covert after that! see the chance that airsofters, paintballers, or any role players have is that you get a second chance to play again, and again, and again...think about that and think about what your bitching about, bleu paint! ( that by the way can be rubed off in like 5 secs ) by the way blood is thaugher to get out of clothing than paintball paint. so basicaly originaly what i was offering was a real life simulation grenade that identifies the end user where he or she got hit, to make the game more realistic, but I guess thats not what you guys keep playing with your fire crakers and spit shining your boots while typing away at your keyboard, while i offer this to the real scenario players ( paintballers) that are not affraid to get dirty for a day and dont mind the bleu paint.... caus i figure most of them do have a washing machine at home to clean theire so pressious BDU,s or multi-cam.
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