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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
Well, I only sent him a followup because he said he'd get right back to me on my question about particular magazines and never did after 5 days. Gonna wait to see what happens now.
Use google for information not mark.

Mark's not a guntech, He doesn't know 100% of everything on every gun. He's just one man who's incharge of supplying airsoft to an entire country. If you're just ordering a single magazine from him... Don't you think that people who are ordering an 800 dollar gun would take priority?

He's also been quite busy, He recently had to go through an inspection to make sure everything was in good shape, and he's fighting to get his backlogged orders to come in.

It's hard enough monitering a sales thread on ASC... Imagine having to do that for an entire country.
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