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Hmmm... Emailed Mark at A&A again last Wednesday about one of my "on the way" orders, but still no reply. I had originally emailed him earlier in the week with a question about magazines for a particular gun. He replied on Wednesday saying he would look into it right away and get right back to me. I'm still waiting on that reply. Also trying to get info about buying more stuff, but no answer. Sent another email this morning. Hopefully he can reply soon.

People say bad stuff about, but I've had pretty steady communication on various questions, and in a timely manner too. But communication with A&A is everything from painfully slow to nonexistant. I've already given them $600+ of my money in the past week, and looking to give them another $750+ if I can ever get a reply. Busy or not, when you're in the customer service business, customer service should be a priority.

Also, I paid A&A extra to have my KJW M9 shipped to me express so that I could have it by the weekend (that just passed). Yeah, A&A used fast shipping, but only shipped the gun 5 days after I placed the order, which sort of defeated the purpose of me paying for the more expensive shipping option.

So far, having dealt with both these companies, actually wins hands-down for customer service. Yeah, their current airsoft products are crap (they're not expecting to get any new higher grade stuff till early 2008). I bought pellet guns and other stuff, so that's not an issue. Now, I haven't received my products from either of these yet (all due in the next 2 days according to the tracking info), so order accuracy remains to be seen. But in terms of dealing with customers, I'm really not that impressed with A&A to date.
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