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forget the multi cam man, what about your gun? gets that stuff in your barrel, sight, or any crevas and you have to now go over it with a cutip... or, for those who wear face protection, IE paintball mask, bella clava, shegmah, or anything else, has to take it off cuz they cant breathe,

thus exopsing your now itchy, gooy, and blue face to an onslaught of relentless jerks who think its funny to shoot at the, now blue, guy who is spazing out cuz he cant breathe, or see, making all manner of loud noises to alert others of his agony.

its like using chemical weapons in war, you dont use them that often, but when you do, everyone hates you, and laughs at the person that got hit
Just on a off note...its a paintgrenade, not a canadian tire 1 galon of tremclade paint....I dont realy know what the deal is all about, sure the grenade has flaws but it better than trowing a cardboard tube stuffed with bbs and firecraker!...the paint is veg oil I dont know how you guys play the game anymore but when i played I roled around in the dirt, mud,grass...and anything that was in the forest and did not realy care about if my guns were clean and presentable like if I had a platoon inspection ...I played hard and to win....and to have fun, the days after where for cleaning the guns and multi for being a target ....well the specs of paint can be brushed off with a swipe of the hand...sounds like you guys are more on show and tell than the actual role playing least most of you.
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