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Veritcal Grip Lights

Again, in the quest to put together some training Airsoft AR style units I purchased two Veritcal Grip style lights to compare and figure out which will hold up better.

Having barrowed pictures from Mr Jon's thead and adding my own, I'll try to provied a better look at the Standard Gear and the Trigger units sold by Huang.

When I made my purchase, Huang was up front and said that the standard gear would be more durable but the Trigger would be closer to the real surefire these are modeled after. Make no mistake, these units are meant for Airsoft use only. They might surive light use at the range on a real steel with a .22LR conversion but I don't think they are built to take into a life or death situation.

So lets get started with the Pics from Mr Jon pics of the standard gear. As in the other two review threads I posted, click on the pic to see the larger pic:

Pics from Huang:

The Trigger:

Other options I have come across but not purchased:

This thread is a work in progress, I'll try to finish by Wed...probably sooner.

Edit to add: I do not endorse or condone the use of this product on anything at anytime anywhere, this is mearly a post reflecting my expeince/observation of the item in question. I am in no way related to the sale, manufacture, distribution, etc of this product or any other products. Also I have no relation or agreement with Charles Huang/Dragon Red Airsoft.

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