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Interest Check: Illuminating (white) Parachute Flares

I've received confirmation that in addition to another 100 smoke grenades, we have access to 4,000 white illuminating paraflares from our supplier. These should be the same as the red paraflares I have listed in the Parts/Accessories Sales Forum but burn white for illumination rather than emergency signaling. They would be a much better alternative for night games as they will provide a higher light output and not have the potential for false distress alarms.

I'd like to see what the interest is in these before committing to any quantity. I don't have pricing yet because that will depend on how many we order, which I understand is a double edged sword but I suspect we can get them for a similar price to the red ones which is around the $10 mark.

Available to 18+ ONLY with ID as per the Explosives Act. NO exceptions.

Please post up if you're interested so I can get an idea on how many we should look at purchasing. Thanks!

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