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18+ and why

1. Minimum age required for you to have a replica firearm in your possession.
2. Minimum age required to be legaly responsible for your own actions.
3. Minimum age required to be left in the company of adults you don't know.
4. minimum age required to offer legal consent and sign documents as a person.

The 18+ thing has nothing to do with "maturity" and everything to do with legallity.

I know lots of people who are 2x18 that are immature... one is typing this right now... just ask my wife.

I don't think we should make this site 18+ as a lot of people get hooked into the scene before they are 18 and become valuable contributing members. The youth, Gods help us, are our future.. excluding them excludes the possibility of a future for this activity.

I will allow people 16 and older participate when they are accompanied by their legal guardian, and that guardian will be participating with them.. but they have to stay together.

That is my choice as a host.. I am certain other hosts have the same policy on a case by case basis.
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