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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
If this is based on me and only me because I've asked, it's because I just signed up not a while ago, and I just got an explaination from you that it's all 18+. Only asked once, will be the last. Got the AEG from kijiji with a brother-in-law.

Do something about it to protect your sport. I've seen too much AEG Rifles on Craigslist and kijiji. Why not complain? They need their license to sell don't they?
People will always break the law, and other people will always want to find a way around the laws... so things will get sold illegally.
Want to stop it? Join the Police or find a way for websites like kijiji to comply with the laws that exist. Good luck.

If everyone simply followed the principle that you can own an airsoft legally the moment you can vote, a lot of problems would be reduced. If the others would simply bother to get parental consent (and attendance at events), it would reduce more problems.

Problems would not entirely disappear (there are stupid adults) but those who are dumb would suffer the legal consequences of being stupid instead of their mom or dad.

Right now, too many lie and cheat their way into getting an airsoft gun. There's no real way to stop it either. People who run games face FAR fewer legal and insurance problems if they simply stick with the Age of Majority laws.

Why would anyone spend thousands of dollars extra in Insurance for a property they own? I doubt the teenagers would cover the difference in costs. I sure dont want to be held responsible for a teen just because I happen to own land or run a game. They are not my kid, not my problem.

Someday, a teen will be stupid with a gun they got their parents to buy, they will get caught, and all hell will break loose. Maybe it will require a parent to go to jail or face fines before the clues finally stick.

This will only change if the laws change. Guess what? To change laws you have to be able to vote. The rest is a process.

Or (to those concerned) you can be 'mature' enough to respect the laws that are in place. You can wait, unless you die you will reach the age of 18.

That's my favorite pet peeve comment: "I am mature and responsible!"

Mature, maybe, but not legally responsible (that is a Law). Certainly too many are not 'mature' enough to wait, no matter what they claim. The few who are become excellent players and members of the community.
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