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If you guys stick with number 2, how many people are going to lose interest in the sport? For me, I'm just waiting till I'm old enough, not sure if I'll lose interest in this hobbie and sport.

I've watched videos on Youtube on a huge event "Operation Irene 1,2,3,4&5"
and hey, I got interested. Quitted paintball because airsoft looks fun with replica weapons, frags, and especially that it is fun like paintball, but to feel like you're in a war game.

If you chose number 2, the only way to get people interested is asking other 18+ people to this sport rather than letting underage learn about this sport.
I just registered about 10 days ago and I'm learning alot from this forum/site.

In my parenting class since I will be a Paramedic after college, children from 14-16 needs to find a hobbie of their interest. So I was interested in this since 13-14.

I don't know if you think what I'm saying is right or wrong, but this is coming from a thought.

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