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Originally Posted by Zeonprime View Post
Under 18? In Ontario? Want to go to an Airsoft game?

The answer is NO.

I am posting this cause without fail every game I host, I get a min of 1-2 minors asking me if they can come. THEN I have to go about explaining why `18+ is 18+. Then sometimes when the mood strikes I also ask where they bought their AEG (which I 99% of the time never ever get an answer to)?

There are numerous reasons why it's 18+. It is not a reflection on you personally when we say NO.

Seriously, I know schools teach you english and well many moons ago we had to have 5 english credits to graduate high school so I know you teens can read.

Please other hosts chime in on this!!

If this is based on me and only me because I've asked, it's because I just signed up not a while ago, and I just got an explaination from you that it's all 18+. Only asked once, will be the last. Got the AEG from kijiji with a brother-in-law.

Do something about it to protect your sport. I've seen too much AEG Rifles on Craigslist and kijiji. Why not complain? They need their license to sell don't they?

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