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christmas and needy children

its that time of year that always seems to approach so fast,,,christmas!! its the time of year for family get togethers, a time of peace and re-joicing. its also the time of year to help the less fortunate than ourselves. so this season i propose a small challenge to the airsoft groups/clubs across canada to see what they can raise for local charities in their communities. my last charity game was for "basics for babies" where myself,members of vancouver op-for and b.c.a.c. raised $222.00 from donated field fee's to the needy. my next charity game is for bc childrens hospital and looks something like this.


location: pilgrim rd
start time: 10:00 am
end time: 4:00 pm

COST: bring a new unwrapped toy ( or cash )for donataion to needy children of the b.c. childrens hospital.
(something other than teddy bears)

like last time i can run the games as i wont be able to play. so all you have to do is show up and play.

this game will run rain,sleet,or snow!


anyway,,,,,so lets see what every other airsoft group/club can do for the less fortunate in their community this christmas season. feel free to post your results here for some bragging rights!

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