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Handguards: CNC'd free floats and CNC'd two piece unit

I picked up some of Huang's products planing to put some Airsoft Rifles together to do some "live fire"/"active shooter" style training rifles for LEO work. They are being built to mimic real steel rifles to make training as close to real as possible...Airsoft's cheaper than simunitions.

I thought I'd post some pics and my impressions of the CNC'd handguards that Huang is offering.

The units appear to be all aluminum with the exception of the barrel nuts, the interlock pins and the small parts in the plastic bags. The barrel nut and interlock pins appear to be steel. The gas tube on the Carbine is a tube, while the gas tube on the longer RAS is a solid rod.

The finish appears to be more of a parkarized finish than an anodizing, but Mr. Huang says it's anodized. Either way, it works.

First up is the unmarked Carbine Handguard(6 holes):

Here is the Longest RAS currently offered(12 holes):

Common Features of these Free Floats
Tube to Barrel nut conection:

Barrel Nut and interlocking pins:

Free Float tube to upper holding ring:

Also, here are pics of the two piece, non free float D-Boys CNC'd Handguards with heat shield on the lower part:

I just stumbled across this pic on installing similar two piece railed hand guards:

Edit to add: I do not endorse or condone the use of this product on anything at anytime anywhere, this is mearly a post reflecting my expeince/observation of the item in question. I am in no way related to the sale, manufacture, distribution, etc of this product or any other products. Also I have no relation or agreement with Charles Huang/Dragon Red Airsoft.

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