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Originally Posted by vincent wei View Post many reply.i think i am not going to sleep so so glad to meet all of you from here!I have been in ottawa for 5 years.
I bought these gun from one of my friend but not in ON,HE GOT A LOT OF NEW STUFF!NO JOKING!!!
I got one question.except war game,do you connect eachother? I mean go supper toghter or else, because i would like meet more friend in there, on the other hand, I can practice my poor English.!
Here is my MSN.Very welcome to add :
It is up to you to go meet the guys and attend games. Contact the Foxden or the LZ groups then go from there. The people do meet, and have restaurant suppers also, but you have to make the first step.
Check the Teams and Games/events section as I suggested, contact the players that way, after that it's entirely up to you.
No special invitation needed.
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