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Originally Posted by CanKam View Post
However, for those who intend to paint over the hand grip, use a Workable Fixatif over your paint job afterward. It does leave a shine, but it will protect your paint from rub off ( do protect the rest of your gun from it though ;P )
I use Krylon Camo on everything. Both my Jeeps are slowly becoming OD with it, and half the stuff in my yard and garage is either OD or black now. It's great for painting tools.
If you want it to last, Testor's makes an awesome clear top coat in gloss and dull. Works great over top of the Krylon.
One thing to note, Krylon Camo is porous, so if you decide to paint a car or some other metal object that is likely to rust you'll need to use a sealing primer first. Krylon grey primer is NOT a sealing primer, I learned that the hard way on one of my Jeeps. On the good side, I enjoy sandblasting...
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