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Originally Posted by vondnik View Post
Steven's very last wish.

" I would like that my ashes be spread in a field next to a forest "

His mother ask US the airsoft community to take care of that final wish. Eventhow we can be at each other's troaths from time to time I saw first had the strenght and bond of the airsoft family, because we are a family, There is something about the game we play that bring the best In all of us. Never loose that perspective next time your on the field.

May he finaly find the inner peace that he had when playing the game.

He was alway pushing me to host an other game....look's like he won that argument.
Pease keep us posted if a ceremony will be observed...
I wan't to be there, unless HIS family would prefer to keep it private.
D.O.W. Panzerman
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