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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Keep in mind isn't one man supplying airsoft to an entire country...

Mark's very busy, he just got back from vacation and he's catching up with all the backlogged PM's and Emails...

On a different note: When I send him an inquery, I normally get a response withing 1/2 an hour.

Well that's good to know. I've just recently discovered both those sites and know very little about either and their operations. I was just sharing my experience with each as they stand to date. Hopefully I'll receive my orders from both soon. I would LOVE to have them by the weekend, since I'm heading out of town to a friend's place and would love to take the new toys with me.

Just out of curiosity for anyone who's dealt with A&A. Then they ship product, do they contact you with a tracking number?
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