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Originally Posted by Azriel_Strife View Post
Got the firepower P90, Ain't the most painful thing in the world but it shoots really straight with .20 gram bb's and is great in CQC. It's got the force fed clip and I haven't had a misfire at all, theres been about 600 rounds fired so far.

not bad for a free gun, Painted it black so it looks badass.

got more pics? higher res? i kinda want a P90 but i REALLY AINT PAYING $600 for one. its only going to be a wall peice.

if it looks decent and works (it has to at least shoot 250fps) ill get 2, 1 for my bro and 1 for my wall. my brother just wants something that shoots better than an ebay beretta. (beretta as in those crap electric pistols that you can hold to your temple and not even have a bruise when you pull the trigger)
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