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been out of AS for a while

where did all the stores go? in my bookmarks there was 8 stores in canada, now i can only find 2, both of which are charging rediculous prices!

remember, the CAD dollar is 6-7% better than the USD.

at they sell JG G36c's for $150 (~$140 CDN)
at A&A they sell the same rifle for $379?!?!?!?!?!

need another example?
USA = $279
CAD = $630??!?!?!?

i dont want to be a jackass but double.5 the price and the CAD is worth more than the USD? i know it maybe difficult to get guns to cad but it couldnt make it double!
what is going on here? when i played in 2005 i paid $350 for my gun WITH an extra clip and mine is a TM version. now its $565?

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