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Originally Posted by vondnik View Post
Steven's very last wish.

" I would like that my ashes be spread in a field next to a forest "

His mother ask US the airsoft community to take care of that final wish. Eventhow we can be at each other's troaths from time to time I saw first had the strenght and bond of the airsoft family, because we are a family, There is something about the game we play that bring the best In all of us. Never loose that perspective next time your on the field.

May he finaly find the inner peace that he had when playing the game.

He was alway pushing me to host an other game....look's like he won that argument.

+1 Vondnik. I used to be pretty heavy into the blues scene as far as music goes, had quite a few friends but only a couple very close friends........... then I kinda got out of it when my son was born and was literally without many friends at all for a couple years until I got into airsoft. Now I have MANY good friends that I enjoy the company of each and every one of them. And Apoc said it best a year and a bit after he and I started the team Warmongers, [paraphrasing]"You know, I spent the holiday with my family, but my time with my teammates is more valuable to me because I consider us to be a family, not that I'm trying to be gay or anything.[/paraphrasing]

Even though we don't stand any chance of getting killed in action with the game we play, I think we develop a bond with each other similar to what soldiers do, in that we are a close knit community, police our community, stand up for each other and will back each other 100% in a firefight. Trust gets developed and friendships hardened with this game. I think this is part of the reason we allow ourselves to isolate new players, they haven't earned the trust of the players or the community yet, but we know what it's like to be a new guy and we allow that trust and friendship to develope by helping others learn the ropes.

I wasn't able to get to Hellranger's funeral, I wanted to but logistics got in my way, but I was there in spirit with all of you. And Steven's last wishes are great, more so that his mother wants the community that he was part of to realise that for him. So load his ashes into a M203 with a 165 rd BB shower grenade in there and scatter him over a field. I think he'd greatly approve.
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