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Help! I need interesting stuff for high speed grenade videography

A supplier of mine appears to have dropped the ball in a bad way at a critical time. I've booked a high speed camera to capture my grenade in operation. The damn thing discharges it's pellet load so fast that I've decided to drop over a thousand bucks to rent a high speed camera capable of 4000 frames/sec at 1024pix wide. It's like HDTV only 130x faster!

I ordered a bunch of supplies for this video shoot which were supposed to arrive today, but I've just received notice that my order is backordered and never got shipped which is causing me some headache because I need this stuff for Thursday. I can't postpone my reservation so I'm in a pinch.

I need to buy/borrow/steal the following:

-brightly coloured 0.2g bbs (yellow, orange, green whatever)
-dark bbs (green, black)
-glow in the dark bbs
-Escort grenade *found* - Thanks Illusion
-PFI grenade

Shoot me a PM if you can loan/rent/sell me the above and ship it out to arrive on Wednesday.


**BAM!** requests already filled. Thanks everyone!
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