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Things are going pretty well, but I unfortunately don't get to control everything that affects my launch date. Final adjustments to my mould are being made, but I do not expect them to be finished for at least 4wks. My mould maker is a good guy, but I have to wait my turn in his work queue. Then there's another 1-3wk wait for a spot at my injection moulders.

I've been chucking around test shots from the mould and they work quite well. I'm nearly finished with packaging design and have moved onto manual publishing.

I was really hoping to catch this xmas season, but the delays in the mould shop have dashed those hopes pretty soundly. I'll probably be launching in mid Dec to early January. When I get a more firm date on my mould completion, I'll open up preorders, but I can't do that until I have a solid idea on delivery date.

In the meantime, I'm producing the marketing material. In fact, I get to shoot my product at 4000 frames per minute this week with a uber expensivo high speed camera. It's costing me a mint to rent the damn thing, but I think it'll help people pry their wallets open when they get to really see how my product works.
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