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China Clone Metal Body Review

So I was woken up this morning with the arrival of my m4 SOPMOD metal body! I was so stoked to see it I opened it before I took a shower lol. My buddy stopped by later that night to put it together with me.

First Impressions

When i opened up the packet there was my metal body, as i pulled it out I had to struggle witha bunch of tape which wasn't all that necessary, cant a man just have his metal body and not have another step in between? =P Anyways. Finally getting to the body I discover that it is very sturdy and not too heavy which was one of my fears. It also comes with all the accesories that are also all metal. Accesories included charging handle, fire selector, and the whole works...well minus the one piece hop up.

The trades are well engraved and not half ass. Only thing is there were 2 spelling mistakes =( The 1st was on the left side of the reciever above the fire selecter. It says "...spev forces..." so I guess its more of a typo rather than a spelling mistake.

The 2nd one is ont he right side of the body where the big coat of arms is. It says "Navyl" forces as opposed to "naval"

Further inspection / Construction

First thing youre gonna need with this body, unless this changes in the future, is a one piece metal hopup as it does not come with one.

Parts that fit:

Front end goes on no problems at all.
Mechbox you have to either take off the wire guide on the left half of the mechbox or ...squit it? I dunno I havent figured out another way to get around it.

Parts that dont...yet:

Buffer tube does not fit, now this is of no problem as you can simply file/sand down the side rails on the body.

Mags are hella tight. You actually have to ram it into the magwell, once again file/sand it down on the inside and youre good to go. Other than that I do not remember any problems.


I was very happy with huangs customer service and with the product. A few things could have been better such as the spelling mistakes/ lack of one piece hop up. The hop up isnt really all that crucial you can easily get one from or the likes but the markings are rather hard to do anything about. Oh well, such is life. However, once those are fixed these bodies are more than fine. I would recommend this to anyone who wants an affordable metal body.

*There will be pictures soon*

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