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King Arms FAL Review


AEG: King Arms FAL
Country of Origin: Hong Kong
Gearbox type: Type 3 (King Arms Preupgraded)
Magazine capacity: Standard magazine: 90 rounds
Length: 1036mm
Muzzle velocity: 330fps
Accuracy: 120 feet
Battery pack size: Large battery


Description: Taken from Airsoft GI

The FN FAL is one of the most famous and widespread military rifle designs in the World. It was used by some 70 or even more countries, and was manufactured in at least 10 countries. The constructions of this AEG are consisted of aluminum alloy and steel alloy for added realism. Each King Arms FAL will also have individual serial number on the metal body for uniqueness. The lengthy barrel with selective fire made this gun a great choice of semi-auto sniper rifle or squad support weapon. The internal gearbox style is your traditional version 3 gearbox with 6mm metal bushings installed. It is fully compatible with most version 3 gearbox internal upgrade parts out in the market.


First Impressions:

When you first open the box and hold the KA FAL in your arms you realise that this is a long rifle at 103cm. The AEG comes in all steel with the exception of the Hand guards, Stock, Pistol Grip. These items are made from tough ABS plastic not some cheap dollar store crap. For you old CF guys that used the FN then this is your AEG. It feels very sold.

As stated above each rifle comes with an individual serial number which is a nice touch. The rifle does not say anywhere that itís a King Arms Rifle except on the bottom of the magazines. It simple states Gew. Kal. 7.62mm GI and the serial number like the real Belgium made FAL. Here is a picture of mine.


In the picture we can also see the selector which is really solid with a nice CLICK when you proceed through the settings. In the picture below we see the operating lever which you will have to screw on the operating level handle. Once the Operating handle is firmly in place you can open the bolt to access the hop up mechanism. I was surprised that there is a nice amount of spring tension very similar to the ICS AK74M Bolt tension.

The battery compartment is huge and an 8.4 3600 which I used to test the rifle slides in easily. The battery compartment in the stock has an outer rubber protector and a plastic cover used to secure the battery. I was disappointed that the rubber recoil pad included that slides over the end of the stock comes off to easily in the field. When I was walking around during Operation Border War it came off a couple of times.

To solve this problem I purchased the rifle butt aid from CP Gear. Here is the link: Once on it has solves the problem and itís very nice and you can place some nice maps or radio codes depending on your game play in there.

King Arms does provide a nice loading tool for loading BB into the all steel magazines. The standard mags hold 90 round. I have not used the 500+ mag so I cannot comment on these. I purchased extra mags from the The magazines are not relly expensive and you can import them without issues from the CBSA. You will notice that when you try to insert the magazines into the AEG that they are tight. I have six mags and they were all tight fitting. I was told by some team mates that they do loosen up over time.

Above is a picture of the rear sight looking forward from the stock. The rear sight is fully adjustable and very sold. The front sight is also adjustable and King Arms has provided the adjustment tool for you.


Since King Arms has pre-upgraded the rifle I was unsure on how it would sound or shoot. Using an 8.4 3600 battery it fired extremely fast and with a minor adjustment on the hop up very accurate. I was very pleased. There was no evidence of selector slipping or anything else wrong that I could tell. When I Chronied the AEG using Mauri 0.20 BB is was firing approx 340 fps. I fired approx 180 rounds with no problems in semi or full auto.

Accessories & Upgrades:

I did purchase a Guarder 110% spring which hopefully produces a 390 to 400 fps using 0.20. I also bought a basic padded nylon sling off eBay for using in the bush for ease of carrying. The traditional C1A1 or L1A1 FA: sling will not work due to the connectors so donít waist you money buying military surplus. You can purchase a King Arms RIS. Here is the description:

The King Arms FAL RIS (Long) is designed to bring the venerable FAL into the 21st Century. This rail system gives the FAL the ability to take all the accessories that have become necessary for modern combat such as flashlights, lasers, optics, etc. Since the kit is made by King Arms it is completely compatible and installs quickly with the included tools.

As I do not own one I will not comment any further. There are members on ASC that do have them.


I will not go into detail about the removal of the mech box but will say that the instructions which are in English are very basic. King Arms does not provide any details about getting into the rifle internally. Letís say it was difficult and should only be done by someone experience with AEG repair.


In conclusion I would recommend this rifle for the more seasoned Airsoft. If you looking for a nice AEG for sniping this might be for you. Overall 9.5 out of 10.

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