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Consider you guys lucky.

It is not airsoft related (never had any problem ordering from Uncompany or RedWolf... both times everything was in under 5 days)

Ordered a laptop on ebay.

September 9th.
Shipped Sep. 10th.
Arrived in Canada Sep. 16th.
Stock at customs up to Oct. 10th
The seller was kind enought to try resending an other via Fedex
Arrived at Mirabel Oct. 15th.
Stuck there since then.
Now the seller went up to California, bought an other one, came back in country with the laptop.
I just received tracking. Should arrive by Thuesday.

That is 3000$ we are talking about... (ok... MSRP is 4600$, but still I bought it 3000$)

I just wish you guys more luck than what I had.
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