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Has Customs changed it's tune?

Things have been different recently. Almost anything I get has been delayed and openned but no problems (though I haven't bought anything suspect)

Of interest though was my package from WGC with a grip and a flash hider.
The customs form for duty and classification labelled the contents:
"guns/air under 500fps"

Never seen that before. I've read the posts and forgive me forgetting the specifics but I know that above that constitutes a firearm...

What I really want to know is that if an item can be classified this way and be fine coming through customs, what, on that list of things in the FAQ that you can't import as a private citizen has changed, if anything?

Specifically, I would like to order another lower receiver for my PTW and possibly a barrel set. SO if clearly marked for an airgun under 500fps, what would be the issue. If it clearly cannot be used for a real firearm...
I know it's generally considered not allowable but...

I'm thinking aloud here with this one because I cannot see how this "should" be an issue though I am all too aware of how it "could" be an issue.

Any evidence, anecdotal or official....

Not trying to open a can of worms or suggest any crazy acts or logical jumps to ordering aegs and such on ones own. It's just parts and accessories.
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