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RC Best hex drivers

If you work on your AEGs or any small hobby type toys like rc cars, you quickly find out that most of these things are held togeter with small metric set screws. When I first started working on my AEGs I used a 8 peice wrench set that you simply fold out the one you need thing. Its ok it got me by but it left lots to be desiered. I found out that you only really use 4 sizes of hex wrenches 1.5,2,2.5,3 mm. I found these wrenches on ebay and decided it would be a good investment to invest in these...

They are great! A must for any airsoft mechanic! great balance and they have a cool feature that by pressing a small tab that allows you to extend or retact the tip. They have good hardend ends that will not strip.

Highly recomended

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