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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Understandable, but players like that in paintball are most definetly in the minority. Not so with airsoft.
Then again, Airsoft is a proportionately much smaller community.
I think what we've tapped into here is that 95% of the world population consists of douchebags and ~5% are decent folk.

I commend the Airsoft community for maintaining it's quality within the player base, but just for argument's sake, if/ when Airsoft becomes more generally accepted and/ or legal who's to say it's player base won't become as 'polluted'
as Paintball once it expands to bring in more money?

There's bad apples in every bunch.
The likely reason why you've met more Shitballers than Paintballers is (as previously stated) anyone with a bit of merit plays with a private club on their
own land, or goes outlaw.

Paintball isn't 'Pfft', Paintball is to Airsoft as Rugby is to Football.
The debate is endless, but the bottom line is that if both sides met on the field in good will, everyone would still have fun.
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