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I don't know Aquamarine personally, had dinner once with a bunch of Ghost members and his Girl friend tho.

But anyone who post pics of Cool stuff from Japan and hot Japanse women is ok in my book.

Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
I have vouch for this, Aqua is a delicious human being and a top notch guy. I have nothing but respect for him and its a pleasure to work with him on the field and hang out with him off the field. He's an excellent shot and great company. Take my word for it, we got lost for a couple hours in the bush during a milsim, mediocre amount of ammo, ran out of water and had absolutley no idea where we were going, but I enjoyed the experience cause Aquas a schmexy human being.

I dont think Ive gone a day in the last 2 years that I havent atleast mentioned anal beads once through out the day.

Team GHOSTS - Fides et Amicitia

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